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New Mexico Crime Prevention Association
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New Mexico Crime Prevention Association
2004 Officers and Board of Directors

Please feel free to contact any of our Officers and Board Members.

Current Officers

bulletPresident - -  City of Albuquerque, OEM, retired.

bulletVice President - Albuquerque Police Crime Prevention Program Manager
bulletTreasurer - , Albuquerque Public Schools School Board

The Board is elected by the membership at the spring meeting every two years.

Board Members
bullet, Farmington Police Department


bullet, Albuquerque Emergency Operation Center


bullet, Crime Prevention Specialist, Albuquerque Police Department, Valley Area Command.


bullet, Los Alamos Police Department.

bullet, New Mexico Mounted Patrol


bullet Wicklander-Zulawski & Associate, NM Mexico Mounted Patrol

bullet, Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office


bullet, Children, Youth and Families, State of NM.








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